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Our ambassadors support us by promoting our work and our mission

Michel Roux Jr


 Michel Roux Jr is a French-British two-star Michelin chef  And also known for his time on the hit British show "MasterChef" on BBC One

Chef Michel has supported our work in the past through our Cook Off event at The Treehouse in Clapham and his heart to see young people succeed really shines through. 

Follow Him on Twitter @michelrouxjr

Phoebe Schecter

phoebe schecter.jpg

 Phoebe has become an ambassador for sport around the world, striving for greater inclusion and representation within the traditionally male-dominated game of American football. After rising through the ranks of the British American Football Association (BAFA), she made the transition across the pond to coach the Buffalo Bills in 2017 as the first British Female Coach in the NFL However,


Phoebe still finds time for the rising stars on the British scene, as she’s now the Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee within BAFA, and has taken to the field for the Birmingham Lions many times and captained both contact and flag GB teams.

Follow Her on Instagram @phoebe_schecter

Efe Obada


Efe Obada is an international NFL player for the Carolina Panthers. 

In November 2018 Efe was the inspiration for an American Football Winter Training Programme we delivered with NFL UK and Nike. 

Having grown up in Lambeth himself, Efe is an inspiration to our young people and a reminder to dream big.

Follow him on Twitter @EfeObadaUK

DJ Semtex


DJ Semtex is an award-winning, world-renowned DJ, broadcaster and author.

He is a champion for young people, and is committed to the mission and vision of BIGKID Foundation.  

Follow him on Twitter @DJSemtex

Risky Javan 


Risky Javan is a UK recording artist, and was our first ever ambassador. 

Growing up in London, Risky is familiar with the struggles our young people face. He is a strong supporter of our mission.

Follow him on twitter @RiskyJavan