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Leadership Service


Breaking Barriers

The BIGKID Breaking Barriers Leadership Programme is a 12-week programme that focuses on personal leadership skills, encouraging young people to become community stakeholders. This programme is tailored towards young people that are at imminent risk of exclusion from school, the aim being to reintegrate them back into the classroom. The focus of the programme is to that ensure individuals are personally empowered by learning essential leadership skills, self-worth and the ability and strength needed to stand up for what is right within the context of home, work or school.

In this way learnt negative behaviour is challenged and replaced with new positive behavioural traits through role-play, games and discussion. 

We currently deliver this programme in a number of schools in London. For any schools that would like to partner with us to deliver our Breaking Barriers Programme, please get in touch!

Breaking Barriers in the Community

We also deliver cohorts of our Breaking Barriers Programme in the community, to young people at risk of social exclusion. 

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