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Raising A Village

It takes a village to raise a child, is a phrase that has been uttered throughout generations and is at the forefront of not just BIGKID’s public but also their unseen work that embraces this very culture. BIGKID’s dynamic, joyous and stimulating impact has been felt by young people around the world for the last 15 years, all in the aim of ending youth violence. Our vibrant presence in the heart of Brixton depicts exactly what a village should be. A community, a family, a place for all, for growth and a place where every kid can call home. Raising a village delves into the hard work of many individuals who each resonate with the idea of a village, with an understanding that in our differences we can create a wholistic approach to effective youth work. Raising any child yet a village comes with its challenges, its highs, its lows, the laughs and the cries. Building an ecosystem of individuals who are passionate about seeing a child thrive and develop is something that you cannot put a price on. You don’t just want your foundation to hold up, you want it to be firm and to have the base for success going forward. BIGKID has done this by creating a positive community of unique individuals, all with their own past experiences, unique upbringings, diverse cultures and varying knowledge all united by a shared goal; to end youth violence. A shared goal met by exclusive why’s captures the dynamic nature of a village, every individual is all for the development of our young people however, it is our own individual reasons why we do what we do is what makes our youth work beautiful. It is in our uniqueness where we find a sense of belonging and a sense of purpose, giving us our own motivation and drive to each contribute to that shared goal. At BIGKID we celebrate our differences, as in those differences there is something to learn. It takes a village to raise a child and to raise a village each one needs to teach one. Highlighting our differences and choosing to embrace and find comfort in them is the key to building a community. Raising a community doesn't just take one, it takes many different perspectives, different ages and unique skill sets. Our diversity helps to keep a balanced environment for our young people. An environment where each individual can relate with another in what can be a shared difference, resulting in a feeling of belonging, a feeling of safety and a feeling of home. At BIGKID we are passionate about seeing young people succeed, giving them a voice, a place to express themselves, realise their potential, a place to know it's ok to not feel ok and a place to come out of their shell. Our shared goal of ending youth violence continues on, we are BIGKID FOUNDATION, we are on a mission. We are raising a village.

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