Mentoring - The 4 C's of Success

December 3, 2018


The BIGKID Foundation Mentoring Programme pairs young people aged 16-21 with volunteer mentors for up to 12 months. Together, the mentors and mentees develop a plan to help the young person take positive steps towards achieving goals relating to school completion, developing work skills, identifying career paths and transitioning to post-high school graduation, including post-secondary training. The programme focusses on encouraging and cultivating personal development, in terms of key social and life skills. 


We believe that our Mentoring Programme has the deepest impact on the young people we work with. Giving young people this one-to-one attention means that they always have someone they can talk to; who can listen to them and support them to unlock their own potential. 

Mentoring is at the heart of what BIGKID does. We began as a Mentoring Programme, delivered by our CEO Shaninga when he was head boy at school to younger students. Over the years, we have found a number of things to be key to successful mentoring relationships - the 4 C’s of success - which we have shared below in the hope that it will foster positive mentoring relationships, and more positive outcomes for young people.