It’s exam results time again! Whether receiving GCSEs or A-levels, we know it’s an anxious time. After all that pressure and hard work months ago, what’s the outcome going to be and what will it mean for what happens next? Have no fear, we’re strong believers that no matter what your results, your future is bright! Some of our young people are amongst the thousands that have been waiting to open envelopes on either 15th or 22nd August. This is what Vanessa, aged 16, had to say: “It’s something that determines what you’re going to do in the future. I’ve been waiting so long for results and I don’t know what to expect. I worked hard in the exams and spent hours sitting on the chair. It’s scar

Drill Music The Unsung Hero Or The Cultural Menace

The age old riddle, what came first, “the Chicken or the Egg” is a question that challenges the concept of cause and effect. So it bolds to ask, is Drill music the cause for this current rise in youth violence and corruptible youth culture, or is it merely one of the many effects of the already present epidemic? With talks from officials to ban the music genre, questions and concerns are flying around as to whether such an action will have a lasting effect, or if its just a half-baked attempt by Individuals to look concerned and intentional about tackling this current crisis at our doorsteps. Originating in the South Side of Chicago, Drill music is generally a derivative of rap music that te


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